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Do You Need To Be ‘Skinny’ for Gymnastics? Simone Biles Has Her Say



Deservingly well, Simone Biles is regarded as the greatest gymnast of all time. With a dozen medals to show for it, her legacy in the sport, despite her young age, is remarkable.



In a recent video, Biles debunked some popular myths about gymnastics. She revealed that one doesn’t need to have any particular body type to become a gymnast.

The truth is out





Biles answered some commonly asked questions about the sport she received on her Instagram. She revealed the real truth behind many popular myths about gymnastics.
A common misconception associated with the sport is that gymnasts have to have a particular body type to do the sport. However, Simone revealed so is not true.

“Back in the day, everybody had a more, like, slim body and was really flexible and skinny. But now, you can be a little bit shorter and more powerful like me,” said Biles.





Moreover, Biles believes that the sport has evolved and is now more open to change. She said, “So, I definitely think it’s evolved. So I think that’s false, as well.”

Simone Biles speaks of the importance of being in shape
Additionally, Biles has revealed that one doesn’t need to be skinny or petite to be a gymnast; what matters more is to be in shape.

“I feel like whatever your body type is you just have to be in shape to do gymnastics,” said Biles. “If you walk into the gym, the tallest person on the team is probably 5’4,” added Biles.
What other myths would you like Simone to debunk?

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