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“Even if We Are Closest of Sisters…”: WATCH Venus Williams Share Secret 2008 Wimbledon Story With Serena



Venus and Serena Williams have dominated the sport both individually and as a team. However, not many know how far they went to balance being sisters and competitors Luckily for fans, the elder Williams recently shared an inspiring story.



During an Instagram Live, Venus reminded Serena how they kept things from each other during their earlier days. For this, the 41-year-old American gave the example of their 2008 Wimbledon campaign.




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What happened was Venus had sprained her thumb during her ladies’ singles semifinals match. Subsequently, she played and won the doubles final with Serena without telling the younger sister about her injury.



While Venus could have asked Serena to hit her backhands, she did not because she later faced her in the epic Wimbledon singles final. Notably, if the elder sister had told the now 23-time Grand Slam champion about her injury, she might not have won that singles final. Indeed, the Williams sisters have set the bar at the highest possible level for others to reach and make it. And even though it sounded easy, Venus could feel the pain while addressing the story.



During the Instagram Live, the seven-time Grand Slam champion asked Serena about times they had to keep things from one another. Unsurprisingly, before Venus could say the tournament, the younger sister completed her by saying, ‘Wimbledon.’

And so Venus revealed, “In 2008 Wimbledon semis, I sprained my thumb, but I couldn’t tell you. And I wanted to switch sides in doubles.”

Instantaneously, the 39-year-old American realized what could have happened if Venus had told her. Serena stated, “She could have lost that final. If She just told me, ‘I sprained my thumb,’ and I would have hit her backhand.”

However, Venus disclosed that despite the pain, the sisters were also competitors. She added, “Because even if we are closest of sisters, we have to respect each other’s privacy.”

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