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Funny: Serena William Hawking Plantain Chips, Pure Water with Her Trophy Tray



You Just have to see these hilarious street-hawking inspired memes of Serena Williams trending on Naija social media. Nigerian social media has been buzzing after world number one female tennis player.



Serena Williams won the Wimbledon Women’s final and she was pictured placing her trophy tray on her head with no hands.



Nigerians believe that when you see a tray on a person’s head, there’s only one thing that comes to mind. Water, plantain chips, or Banana.



As usual, Nigerians saw the humor in this and started creating the funniest memes ever. Turns out many more Nigerians on social media thought of the same things, and as it is with Nigerians the jokes came ringing. Memes and all.



Check on the hilarious street hawker-inspired memes below:



Which was your best?

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