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“I Think I Might Retire to…”: Lewis Hamilton Provides a Glimpse Into His Life After F1




Throughout the season, an F1 driver spends far more time traveling than he does living there. As a result, Lewis Hamilton, the star of Mercedes, is in his 16th year of competitive play and is acclimated to this way of life. He is a native of Britain,



as we all know, and he currently resides there. But as he spent more time away from Stevenage, he also bought real estate in countries like Monaco. However, none of these locations may hold his heart once he retires, as he discussed his ideal location after his stint in Formula 1.





Do you have a certain city that inspires you? the Billion Dollar Man was asked in a recent interview. Sure, but not just one, the British national retorted. Everyone adores Paris, including myself. And one of my favorites is Tokyo. Paris, New York, and



Tokyo are my top three. These locations are full with inspiration for you. The interviewer followed up with, “If you were to think of settling somewhere after your F1 career, where would that be?” The F1 veteran said, “I love the Caribbean.



So most likely it would be the Caribbean. I think that life would get quite a lot slower there. But I also think about a place where, on one hand you have the hustle and bustle of a big city and then, on the other hand, you have the beach – and then immediately Los Angeles springs to mind.”

Hamilton concluded by saying, “I think I might retire to Hawaii! Yes, it is a long way away from everything else, but I guess it would be worth it.”

Is Lewis Hamilton the next in line after Sebastian Vettel’s retirement?
The big headline in the F1 paddock is the retirement of four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel. The German got a full-time F1 season in the same year as the

Briton and has shared the track with him ever since. Notably, Vettel is two years younger than the seven-time world champion and yet retired before him. As a result, the Mercedes driver was questioned about retiring before the Hungarian Grand Prix. To which he responded,

“When I talk about fuel left in the tank, I am still fighting for those things and I still feel I have plenty to go,” cutting off all of that. “More often than not, I’ll still have petrol in the tank if I stop. Though hopefully a long way off, I don’t think

I’m going to get to the point of being absolutely exhausted and having nothing left. The 7 time world champion still believes he has a lot to offer to the sport and still has more than enough in the tank to compete at the highest level.

Do you think Lewis Hamilton will only retire after clinching the record-breaking 8th world title?

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