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Serena William’s investment in these companies have made her richer



Serena Williams is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time but besides her prowess on the tennis court and the success she has achieved from being a professsional athlete, she has also succeeded in establishing herself as a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, an angel investor and a Venture capitalist.



The tennis pro has two businesses of her own;

Her fashion line, S by Serena, created to empower women through an all-body inclusive style with authentic designs.





Her jewellery line, Serena Williams Jewelry, creates beautifully made pieces using conflict-free diamonds and precious metals and are crafted in a facility by the responsible jewellery council.

But the bulk of her billion-dollar empire comes from Serena venture – her early-stage venture capital fund which she has invested in 43 businesses and startups all over the world and across different sectors.





The startups and businesses, the company has invested in, include:

Innovative skincare companies like Alchemy 43; an aesthetics bar specializing in micro treatments for the skin and Billie, a shaving razor created specifically for the shaving needs of women.



Andela; a company founded on the premise that brilliance is distributed evenly but opportunity is not, originating in Lagos, Nigeria. Created to give talented individuals – whose potential may be limited by various factors like race, nationality, gender- an opportunity and a platform to accelerate their career and give them visibility to potential employers and serve as a talent network.

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