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Novak Djokovic’s Wife Jelena Pens Down an Emotional Message About Social Media Dangers



Jelena Djokovic penned down an emotional message
Novak Djokovic’s wife, Jelena, shared a heart-touching message on her Instagram after she watched the documentary “Childhood 2.0”. The documentary depicts how today’s children are becoming increasingly engrossed in the digital world.



She shared a sad picture of herself on Instagram with the caption, “I recently watched very important documentary on Social media dangers and its impact on childhood. I was mind blown. Every parent, child, teacher, grand parent should watch. It is for free on Youtube and it’s name is Childhood 2.0.”

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“Please lets talk about this more and be more aware: anxiety, depression, suicides are so common among kids as young as 10 thanks to horrible trend of judgment, bullying, sexting which is living thanks to social media. While we are protecting our kids from dangers that we think are outside, on the streets, we are failing to realise how serious danger is within our homes.”

According to Jelena, there isn’t a single answer to this predicament. There is the need for engagement with children and willingness to listen to them. She urged every parent to stand up for their kids and suggested communicating with them.

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Jelena also tweeted the link of the documentary, which warned her about the dangers of social media and encouraged people to watch it.

Jelena highlights dangerous trends amongst children

Furthermore, Jelena also highlighted one more point. According to her, children from across the world are drawn to dangerous American social media trends. She said, “I come from Europe and I know for a fact that even though we are behind US at many things, we are following their Social media trends rapidly.

More and more kids that I see online are portraying themselves in far less clothes than appropriate…and chasing likes and follows as a proof of their worth to the world.” Jelena feels strongly about the worrying effects of children linking their self-worth to social media engagement. Hopefully, her thoughts on the topic will encourage more people to look at social media critically.

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