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Reasons Behind The Malice Between Roger Federer And Tiger Woods



Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are two of the greatest athletes in the modern era. The unparalleled dominance and the display of skill they both exhibited led to eternal glory for them both. In such a situation, it was natural for the two to be compared.



Federer and Woods were friends, and even shared a couple of endorsements deals. Gilette and Nike were the companies that worked with both the athletes and, on many occasions, had worked together. Also, both of them were at the peak of their careers in the first decade of the twentieth century.





Meanwhile, Gilette dropped Woods when his extramarital affairs turned into a scandal and attracted negative attention. Nike, however, stuck by Woods, even when all others abandoned him. During this time is when Woods broke connection with the Swiss.

Federer reveals that Tiger Woods changed his number
In 2018, Roger Federer spoke about Woods in an interview. He revealed how the 82-time winner on the PGA Tour broke off all contact. Federer, however, remained cool and expressed happiness at the well-being of the golfer.





He also revealed that they were a great support system for one another despite the hyped-up Grand Slam competition between the two.

Roger said, “It was more about wishing good luck. When he faced problems, he disappeared and changed his number. Anyway, I am happy that he has come back stronger again. He is doing well again and plays well. I would love to hear from him again. We shared some great memories. He supported me a lot. We enjoyed ourselves with the fight for other Grand Slams.”

Since then, Woods has come a long way. Not only did he make a mind-boggling come back to win the Masters Tournament in 2019, but also went back to square one. After a successful start to his come-back, he underwent a severe solo car accident in early 2021 that again put him on the sidelines.

However, the two still have a final couple of chances to win, as long as the fire within them burns. After that, they could perhaps give their friendship another try.

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